25: Thrustmaster Joystick

  • Marco's new-new-new app for aligning double-ender podcast tracks.
  • Economic considerations and options for releasing an app that's extremely helpful to a very small number of people.
  • Why Marco has been procrastinating from the big app by making small apps.
  • Good app names as motivation.
  • Desktop Twitter distraction and measuring desktop productivity with RescueTime.
  • Casey's sales of Fast Text since last week's promotion, Marco's sales of Bugshot, and the potential economic upside of promotion for niche apps.
  • The fashion longevity of iOS 7's default UI.
  • Chrome's controversial plaintext-password feature and Chrome security leader Justin Schuh's defense of the design.
  • Lakes.
  • An epic, half-hour Siracusa rant on the state of finding and installing Minecraft mods.
  • Kali.
  • caseyrumors: Is this the future of Fast Text?

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