52: Necessary But Not Sufficient

  • Facebook Paper's gesture usability, in-app tutorial videos, and the design challenge of gestural interface.
  • RootMetrics testing real-world wireless speeds.
  • Despite constant effort to improve usability, what if computers just aren't for everyone? (There's a similar long-standing debate with programming. See 4GL.)
  • The Flappy Bird saga: Whether it's a good game and why the developer pulled it. (See also: Super Hexagon.)
  • Is free-with-in-app-purchase ruining the game industry?.
  • Comcast buying Time Warner and the implications on U.S. broadband competition.
  • The stupid new top-level domains (TLDs).
  • iBeacons and Bluetooth LE in stores and .museums.
  • After-show: Bionic on new TLDs (at 26:50) and whether the TLDs are just a scam by ICANN, Patreon, and yet more on the Mac Pro.

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