33: A 30-Minute Skip Button

  • When we expected the Mavericks GM (recorded two hours before this).
  • Apparent new E5-1680 Mac Pro in Geekbench and what CPU tradeoffs to expect in the new Mac Pro.
  • Speculating on the new Mac Pro's fan noise, rotating cable management, and intended desk location.
  • FU on John's podcast-scrubber idea. (Spoiler: he knows about the vertical speed-scaling that's been in Apple's scrubber for years, and it's not what he wants.)
  • Experimenting with new UI controls and behaviors: some end up being cool and useful in practice, but many don't.
  • Marco's brief adventure in designing a custom binary sync protocol.
  • The potential conflict of interest of avoiding automatic ad-skipping features in Overcast since Marco gets income from ads on this podcast, and the ethics of publishing all podcasts' subscriber stats on the site.
  • iPhone 5S cases.
  • Laptop battery health and potential automatic battery conditioning.

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