37: A 3,000-Word Digression

  • Some light Mac Pro waffling and the red one.
  • iOS 7.0.3's new crossfade animations in "Reduce Motion" mode.
  • Little tidbits and windows into the life of John Siracusa buried in his OS X Mavericks review.
  • Noodling John with random questions.
  • Dragon Drop and Cocoapods don't suck.
  • The big potential section of the Mavericks review that John omitted.
  • Choosing high-level and low-level details to include in the review.
  • Tags and the filesystem.
  • Publishing the review ebooks, and relative sales between iBooks and Kindle.
  • Marco's postmortem on his past Kindle efforts. (Museum of Mediocre Reading Devices, CueCat)
  • Mavericks' theme and the Mac's constant battle between power users and ease of use.
  • Will John keep doing OS X reviews?

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