13: Animated Kale

  • Our theme song by Jonathan Mann -- follow his Song A Day on YouTube, and check out his site if you or your company would like a catchy, fun song. Thanks for the ATP theme song, Jonathan!
  • Casey and Marco get deluged with to-do app recommendations.
  • The difficulty in getting people to change to a new app, but conversely, the potential success for slightly differentiated apps in an otherwise crowded market.
  • Google I/O keynote reactions.
  • Localizing apps to different languages.
  • The sad state of iTunes Connect.
  • Staged rollouts, purchase analytics, beta testing, and the different developer attitudes of Apple and Google.
  • Why Google is consistently able to kick Apple's butt in services (and engineering?).
  • Google Play Music All Access, Hangouts, and the new Google Maps.
  • Apple's Objective-C to Javascript bridge.
  • The App Store UI.

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